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Dan's early years

Dan was born on January 5, 1968 in Evansville, Indiana at St Mary's Hospital.  He lived in Indiana until he left the nest.

He moved to Van Buren then back to Evansville at age 3.

At 11 Dan moved 20 miles north to Haubstadt.

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Dan loved Haubstadt

Haubstadt is a great place to grow up

Haubstadt has about 2600 people living there.   He made a lot of good friends and maintained those friendships until the day he died.

Dan attended Gibson Southern High School and graduated in 1986.  In High School he got to do pretty much whatever he wanted as long as he didn't get in trouble and kept his grades up.  Dan took all the hardest classes and got good grades.

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Dan started working young.

At age 11 Dan helped build the house that he moved into when he started the 6th grade.  Before he entered college he already had an impressive work resume.

He detassled corn to make seed corn. He worked at a gun club where they shoot clay pigeons .  He worked 2 summers in West Virginia.  Dan even worked at McDonalds as a cashier.

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Off to Indiana University

Dan always said he was going to IU and he did.  His cousin Mike was his age and they had always been best friends.  They decided to be roomates.  They remained roomates the whole time.

Both of them had a good time and graduated with Business degrees.

Dan was always a big sports fan and they camped out for season tickets for basketball.  Coach Bobby knight would get pizza for everybody.  In 1987 IU won the national championship and Dan was a Happy man.

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Dan had a West Virginia Connection

Dan's dad lived in West Virginia starting when Dan was 7.  He visited often.   Starting at age 16 Dan got his license and went to West Virginia to work a full 40 hour per week "Man's" job.  His jobs were:

  • Age 16 - Gilbert manufacturing- they rebuilt and remanufactured mining equipment.  Dan cut material, swept up, cleaned the yard and did whatever.

  • Age 17 - B & A mine supply.  Dan pulled orders, did inventory, delivered parts

  • Age 18 and 19 - Dan was an Underground Coal miner for 2 full summers.  This was very difficult because the guy with the lowest seniority got the job nobody wanted. (that picture is not of Dan, but the height of the mine is correct.  You could not even stand up)

  • Age 20 and 21 - Dan worked in the office doing accounting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable 

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Dan conquers the world

Upon graduation, Dan moved to Indianapolis.  Dan's first job was at AUL insurance company.  He developed a big family there and kept many of those friends throughout his life.  He met Steve who is pictured to the right.  While at AUL, Dan got an MBA in finance. 

He left AUL to take a traveling auditors job at Price Waterhouse.  That firm sold and "leave on monday get back on Friday afternoon" turned to leave on Sunday get back late Friday night. Dan found a better job at Conseco.  While at Conseco, Dan got a law degree. 

Now he was very marketable and decided to test his fortunes in the Big Apple.  He really enjoyed it there, but decided he needed a change.  That same Steve in the picture was living large on the beach in LA.  Dan looked around and found a job and moved out to LA.  He lived out the rest of his life there.

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The LA chapter

LA is really a ton of cities that all stack up on each other.  Dan fell in love with Hermosa beach.  It had a certain vibe that he liked. 

Enron was America's largest bankruptcy.  There was fraud involved.  To prevent this from happening the Sorbanes Oxley Law was enacted.  Essentially this law says that the highest corporate officers are personally liable for fraud.  So Dan's company did a private audit to make sure that the CEO's ass was protected.  He liked his job.  He loved where he lived.

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Dan finds love

Dan was always a guys guy and not the steady girlfriend kind of guy.  This all changed when he met Stephanie.  They got married on 4-20-2012.

They moved into Steph's house in Brentwood, but Dan's heart was always in Hermosa Beach.  They moved back to the beach and lived the rest of his life there.

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