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Dan lived a good life

Dan will never be forgotten.  This website is a place to help remember.  Kind of like a headstone at a cemetery, but better....  You can share your memories here.  Take a second and contribute a story.

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Now Dan only lives in the memories of those that knew him

Fortunately that is a lot of memories because he had a lot of friends.

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Dan Stallsmith was a solid dude

Dan was all about Family, Friends, Work, and Play

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Dan enjoyed the challenge of schoolwork

Dan gradutated from IU with a business degree then went on to get an MBA in finance then a Law Degree.  He was not a courtroom lawyer and got to help people.

Dan was lucky enough to find true love

Finding true love makes life meaningful all by itself.  His wedding was the happiest day of his life.  He was very proud of how big of a party he threw.  He was very happy to have his friends and family there to share this day.


Dan's friends were truly family

Dan never knew a stranger and his friends were family.  The way he felt about his friends was indistinguishable from how he felt about his family.  He valued friendship and worked to maintain those relationships.

Dan was lucky enough to have 2 large families that loved him

Dan loved his family and always made time for them.  He prioritized his family.


Dan loved to have a good time and he was a fun guy to hang out with.

A life well lived is a life full of adventure and fun.  Dan was always on the move doing something fun.

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